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Don't supplement, COMPLEMENT.

Nothing extra, just the essential nutrients specifically developed for plant-based eaters.

The safest, most effective and most transparent products in the market, using a science-based approach to optimizing a plant-based diet.

Transparent in their sourcing, their ingredients and how their products stack up in third party testing.

Free shipping in the US and also able to ship to 50+ countries.

Full 30-day money back guarantee.

Complement  Plus

Built around three essential nutrients that plant-based diets often don't have enough of - B12, D3 and the long-chain Omega-3s DHA and EPA.

Also containing a few other nutrients that are harder to find or harder to absorb from plants - iodine, Vitamin K2, magnesium, selenium and zinc.

All ingredients are natural, you can dig further on their site, through the link above to learn more.

Complement Protein

We love way this brand sells their protein - they know a balanced plant-based diet provides enough.

But they also know that maybe some athletes, older people or pregnant women might wish to add a protein powder...or someone just might want to 'be sure'.  And they know that many other manufacturers are not transparent with ingredients and heavy metal content.

So they created this protein mix to offer something transparent, with ingredients and percentages you can see.  

Oh, and the other cool thing about this product?  You can bury the biodegradable package in your backyard and it will disintegrate within 9-12 months!

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