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...and Feel Empowered Over Your Food!

If you would like to naturally eat about 1,000 calories less per day and be part of a membership & community with coaching that supports you on a journey to eat whole, plant-based foods...


Then this will be the most exciting page you'll ever read!

Here's why:

I'm going to reveal...

A SIMPLE way to BECOME and STAY your healthiest self.

But first, let's get real!

If you're busy all day, hustling for your place on the ladder-of-life, you often rely on the universe working in your favor to get the nutrients your body needs while keeping out the damaging stuff.

Like you, I used to be someone:


Who was aware of, but didn't have time to sort through the science.

Who always ate the same foods I'd eaten growing up.

Who'd get take-away more often than I liked.

Who often hurried through the grocery store, not checking food labels.

Who bought convenient packaged foods.

If you're like I was, you're thinking...


That you could be eating better.


That you might feel more energetic.


That you could feel more mentally alive.


But you've hesitated, you held back for whatever reason and just didn’t take action when you felt you should….


And especially right now, in a time of uncertainty.


When being healthy is so important.

12 years ago when I had a health issue I used to hunt for good information on nutrition and now I filter.

Back then, I didn't have a good way to manage the most important decision I made everyday -

what I put in my body.

I had a fibroid the size of a small watermelon and it needed to be surgically removed.  And after it was removed the doctor said that there was no guarantee that another wouldn't grow back!

And yet...

I went on a search and discovered that much about my diet and lifestyle could prevent it from returning.

It turns out that there is a whole lot we can do about prevention, for a lot of things.

Right now, what’s happening in the world is an opportunity.


A wakeup call to think about your own health goals and how you could be healthier through eating more consciously.

There is a proven difference you can make with your food choices.

Both for your health, and the health of the planet.

You realize that this is an important moment in your bigger journey.

You realize that the way our society produces and consumes food, is not necessarily an indicator of the way things will be in the future.

We’ve taken our health and the health of the planet for granted.

Which is why it’s time...

RIGHT NOW pick the path that you’re going to take.

This membership is for you if you’d like to become empowered with knowledge about:



  • the key to long lasting health

  • how to have boundless energy

  • reaching and/or maintaining your ideal weight without counting calories

  • cooking up fast, delicious meals with a plant-based culinary nutrition coach by your side.


The key to this all is no further away than what’s on your plate. I’ll help you move to a more nutrient-dense, whole-foods, plant-based way of eating.

I’ll share fast, healthy options, tips & info which will improve your health and the health of the planet – one plate at a time.

Since this is a new community, I’m offering a very low Founding Member Launch price of US$27 per month.  This will be locked in for you, as long as you remain an ongoing member in good standing.  

After February 1st, I will launch an in-depth course about plant-based eating, followed by opening up the membership again after the course finishes, to more members and increasing the price for new members.

Again, your price will always remain $US27 as long as you remain an ongoing member in good standing.

What do you say? Are you ready to join me?


Ariane DesRosiers

We had an amazing time cooking with Michele — all her recipes were delicious, easy to make, and extremely nutritious!


She taught us how to prepare balanced meals and then we had an awesome experience overall.


Would highly recommend to anyone looking to better their diet or anyone trying to be a better chef :) 


Thanks again! 

Sara Tobias

"Michele taught us plenty of tips and tricks to make the cooking process easier, and shared a lot of valuable knowledge about nutrition that I didn't know about before.


I learned several new delicious, healthy and easy recipes from Michele, and I am excited to test-out my new kitchen skills when I cook next!"


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