Plant-Based Foods

The Kitch'n Tribe

The online Membership exclusively for those
Who Want To Lose Weight While Eating More

why join?

  • reach and/or maintain your ideal weight without counting calories 

  • eat delicious, healthy whole-plant foods

  • cook up fast, delicious meals

  • have a plant-based culinary nutrition coach by your side

  • join a community of like-minded individuals in an exclusive space.

Doors Open Again Jan 24th

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Ditch the extra pounds, feel energetic and confident and reduce your risks of chronic disease. I’ve created a system for people who want to change their habits and take control over their food choices.


It may be that you’re overweight or you doctor has told you to “eat healthier” but you don’t know what that means, which foods are the healthiest or how to easily pull it off with delicious, satisfying foods.


Living healthy and eating healthy does not mean deprivation! ⁠

That's where you may get it wrong - healthy eating is about changing habits, not depriving yourself of something.⁠

What most don't realize is that you can eat healthy AND eat delicious food that is easy.⁠

It's about planning, organization, and habit change.⁠

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I've created a success path in the membership to help you move forward.


It’s created for people in different stages.


For those at the beginning Hungry to Learn More Stage, who know they could thrive on a plant-based diet, but know that it requires a smart game plan to acquire some knowledge and skills to change habits. 

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It's also for those who already Blend Old Preferences & New Habits, and want coaching & a community to move to the next level.


There are also those further along who may be Tasting New Techniques, upping their kitchen skills. Yet not everyone has the same tastes, budgets, access to the same ingredients and the same schedules. At this stage you are looking for new ways to prep your meals and learning new cooking methods to execute recipes.

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You may already be Cooking Up Your Own Combinations and want to learn to creatively use fats, sweeteners, acids, and spices, further enhancing what you pull together on the fly.  You know that having a recipe is only the beginning, an inspiration and resource. Yet understanding the nuances of flavor, the visual cues in cooking...learning to play around and adapt recipes and make healthier, tastier versions of them.  And tasty is key, because at the end of the day, although we say food is medicine, we don't want our food to taste like medicine.


You also could have Settled into New Habits and want a community around you, because you like to keep learning and want to be in a community that shares your values and desire to live a healthy life.

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Inside the membership, each month there will be two Zoom Live Coaching Sessions each month, each recorded and available to watch on replay any time.


There will also be two videos with PDF downloads that include recipes and demos on how to plan and prepare the tastiest and healthiest foods.


The third aspect is a community where people can connect with each other and with me, hosted on a private app.

Our membership is reopening it's doors January 24th!

Click the pink box to join our wait list - you'll also get:

  • A recipe for THE healthiest chocolate pie you've ever had!

  • Our Weekly Newsletters with information on the intersection of Food + Nutrition + Environment

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This membership is perfect for busy people who aren’t confident in the kitchen, yet really want to make the best food choices for themselves and their loved ones. I also love that you don't feel pressured to going 'cold turkey'. Michele shows you how you can transition towards plant-based eating in a way that works best for you and your lifestyle. 

Krystal Diaz, Vocal Caoch

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It's very friendly and welcoming and there is a lot of information available without being pushed to anything. If you're serious about your health and diet and want a gentler approach, this is perfect.

Leon Lee, GM Theatre Director, Writer, Teacher